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Preseason/Conditioning can begin: Monday, Sept. 25, 2023 (Dates/Times TBA)

Boys' basketball conditioning will start on Monday, September 25th from 6:45am to 7:45am and run for two weeks. Attending conditioning is a good way to prepare for tryouts, but attendance is not required to tryout. Conditioning times and days may vary and will be announced at conditioning and asap via the bi-weekly video announcements and the WPJH webpage calendar. Tryouts will begin Monday, October 9th.

Tryouts begin: Monday, Oct. 9, 2023 (Times TBA)

All students trying out for any of WPJH's sports teams must first use the new online (previously RegisterMyAthlete) to set up an account, register, complete requirements, and upload a physical examination. Students who have not completed an account (including uploading a current Physical and Parent Consent Form) before tryouts begin, will not be allowed to try out, without exception as per DSD/UHSSA policy*. Instructions for creating an account and uploading a Physical and Parent Consent Form can be found at:

*"A health examination must be performed annually and the Pre-participation Physical Evaluation Form must be completed before any student may participate in athletic activities sponsored by this Association. A Pre-participation Physical Evaluation Form along with the Disclosure and Consent Document must be on file at the school before any participation in athletic activities." (Physical and Parent Consent Form)

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