Bell Schedules/Lunch Schedules

Beginning with the 2019-2020 school year, we are moving to a block schedule! This means that we will have 4 classes per day, with 1-4 periods being on A-days, and 5-8 periods being on B-days. We will also have our Warrior Advisory class at the end of the day on Monday through Thursday.

A- and B-days rotate daily throughout the year. There are a few exceptions where we will have all 8 periods in a day (like the first day of school), or modified testing schedules, etc. Please check out our calendar on the school home page if you have any questions about which day it is!

Lunch Schedules

With the new A/B schedule we will be having two lunches rather than three, which brings a few adjustments! The lunch a student attends will no longer be divided up by grade... each lunch will now be a mixture of 7th through 9th graders.

On a regular day, the lunch a student attends will be divided up by the 3rd period teacher on A-days and 7th period teacher on B-days. They may have different lunches on each day, and may be with different friends. Students will be expected to attend the correct lunch, and not go to the cafeteria or other inappropriate locations during class with a hall pass. Also, we are unable to change student class schedules in order to be in a lunch with specific friends. But think of the opportunities to make new friends!

1st Lunch     2nd Lunch
Atkinson, Darren 1426     Arave, Mike P9
Brown, Spencer P5     Bates, Dillon 2523
Burton, Megan P6     Baxter, Dallin 2502
Eaton, Debra 2406     Burk, Steven 1610
Feenstra, Cindy 1530     Call, Mike 1502
Flint, Cathy Gym     Christiansen, Gwen 2501
Follett, Sarah P1     Coyle, Sharlene 1505
Gabbitas, Katie P4     Dawson, Wes P10
Gray, Jen 2404     Dillman, Julie 1527
Gregory, Jodi P3     Duffin, Greg 2524
Hansen, Greta 1423     Eskridge, Becca P8
Hawkins, Liz 2426     Gomez, Maria 2526
Jacobsen, Jen Office     Hayward, Lori 1617
Johnson, Jake 2406     Jensen, Sandra 1507
Kunzler, Kandie 2421     Jenson, Tana 1610
Larsen, Kristy 1510     Martinez, Cassandra P12
Lloyd, Sharon 1401     McAllister, Melissa Counseling
Madsen, Wayne 1425     Pierce, Kim 2525
McCarrey, Jim 2424     Prescott, Rebecca 2506
McMillan, Jeanette P2     Roach, Wes 1600
Middleton, Andrea 1424     Rollins, John 2503
Proudfit, Alisha 2402     Saviano, Teresa 1506
Randolph, Greg 2425     Sparks, Zach 1608
Seminary Seminary     Stanger, Burt 2504
Shupe, Nichole 2423     Stubbs, Chris 2510
Sisneros, Dave Gym        
Stokes, Melanie 2403        
Tracy, Haylie 1421                         
Turcotte, Sue 2401        
Wheeler, Nicki 1403        
Wilson, Traci 1403        
Yerke, Jo 1402